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2022 Awards

The next occasion to celebrate the Winners and High Commendations is scheduled for an online presentation. Serious illness, Covid-19 isolation while away, Covid-19 infections, restrictions on travel, among other trials and tribulations, have had a profound effect on our plans for the global Digital Signage Awards this year. In the light of mounting Covid cases, with a new variant or two being watched carefully, a continued reluctance to travel because of infection rates and the increased hazards that may be associated with the conflict in Ukraine and may overspill to other European countries, we took the most reluctant decision to present the Awards online and return to a physical event in Barcelona in 2023.

We are finalising the last stages of judging, at the moment, itself running late owing to delays in full submissions being returned. A date for the online presentation will be announced very soon.


The global Digital Signage Awards are the annual international search for outstanding campaigns, creative executions and technical innovations, and remarkable media or placement solutions in the fields of digital signage, DOOH advertising and digital visual experiences. The Call for Entries leads to the category judging process during October and November. SIXTEEN:NINE will make their decision on the Outstanding Individual or Company.



Call for Entries opens on July 1, each year
Entries close on September 30, each year
First stage Judging takes place during October
Finalist companies are announced on November 1
Second and final stage Judging takes place during November and December
Assessment of the nominations for Most Outstanding Individual or Company will take place after November 30
The presentation of the 2022 Digital Signage Awards will take place online and the date will be announced very soon
The next live Awards dinner and ceremony is scheduled for February 1, 2023 at Esferic in Barcelons.



For 2023 we have a reservation at the Esferic Events Center, Barcelona on February 1, 2023 (subject to confirmation of ISE dates)

The global Digital Signage Awards are completely independent and, over the last twelve years, have recognised great companies, projects, content, campaigns and products from across the world. Working hand-in-hand with media partner Sixteen:Nine, they are supported by leading companies keen to promote excellence and innovation throughout the sector. For 2022, TRISON was named Headline Sponsor of the Awards, joining media partner and sponsor SIXTEEN:NINE in promoting excellence and innovation across the sector. We are grateful for their support.


2021 Awards

The results of the 2021 global Digital Signage Awards were announced online on April 22 . You can see the results by category on the Results page.

To download your copy of the most recent Winners book please click on the cover image below.