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Looking Forward to the 2021 Awards

With the announcement by ISE that their show will move to June or later, and having been held up by restrictions In the UK, we have decided to announce the Digital Signage Awards winners on April 22 but avoid the Covid-19 risks associated with a physical event and stream the Awards presentation over the Internet.

The global Digital Signage Awards are the annual international search for outstanding campaigns, creative executions and technical innovations, and remarkable media or placement solutions in the fields of digital signage, DOOH advertising and digital visual experiences. The Call for Entries leads to the category judging process during October and November. SIXTEEN:NINE will make their decision on the Outstanding Individual or Company in December and the next physical event comprising an Awards dinner and ceremony is scheduled to be held on Wednesday February 2, 2022 at the stunningly elegant Esferic events centre, Montjuic, Barcelona.




Online presentation of the results for 2021 will screen on April 22 at 9.00pm BST

Entries close on September 30, 2021

First stage Judging takes place during October

Second stage Judging takes place during November

Assessment of the nominations for Most Outstanding Individual or Company will take place after November 30

The presentation of the 2022 Digital Signage Awards will take place on Wednesday February 2, 2022


2020 Awards

The list of Winners, High Commendations and Finalists for the 2020 Awards, which took place at the most excellent Tobacco Theater, Amsterdam on February 12, have been uploaded to the Results page of this website. Second Story won the Grand Prix Gold Award and Burr Smith, CEO, Broadsign won the Most Outstanding Individual Award.


The global Digital Signage Awards are completely independent and, over the last ten years, have recognised great companies, projects, content, campaigns and products from across the world. Working hand-in-hand with media partner Sixteen:Nine, they are supported by leading companies keen to promote excellence and innovation throughout the sector. For 2020, Gable, Mvix Digital Signage and Nanolumens supported the Awards as category sponsors, with Nanolumens also sponsoring the official Reception and IAdea returning as an advertising sponsor, joining media partner and sponsor SIXTEEN:NINE. We are grateful for all their support.


To download a copy of the 2020 Winners book please click on the cover image below

Please click on the image below to automatically download your own copy of the Award Winners book for 2019.


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