2017 Winners


Congratulations to the 18 Winners of the 2017 Digital Signage Awards.

Overall Achievement

Overall Achievement: Manufacturer – Sharp Electronics Corporation

Overall Achievement: Content Creator – Second Story


Content & Creativity: in school – Second Story for Zag Wall at Gonzaga University

Content & Creativity: in store – RMG Networks for Life : Connected

Content & Creativity: in the malls – Cineplex Digital Media for Oxford Butterflies

Content & Creativity: on the street – SapientNitro for Faces of Pride

Content & Creativity: in transit – JC Decaux Paris Airport for Real Time Digital Advertising

Content & Creativity: elsewhere – Second Story for The George Washington University & The Textile Museum “Common Threads”


Sector: Corporate – SapientNitro for Faces of Pride

Sector: Education – Second Story for Libbie Mill Library

Sector: Entertainment, Music & Sports – Esprit Digital for Coca-Cola London Eye Digital Totems

Sector: Exhibitions & Conventions – Second Story for San Francisco MOMA

Sector: Restaurants, Catering & Hospitality – Pixel Inspiration for Harry Ramsden’s at Blackpool Tower

Sector: Retail – ONELAN for Chemist Warehouse (there is also a High Commendation in this category for Cineplex Digital Media’s CF Markville project)

Sector: Transport & Travel – Times Innovative Media for Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport – T2 Domestic phase 2

Technical Innovation

Technical Innovation: Interactivity – SapientNitro for PMG “Works of Wine” (there is also a High Commendation in this category for SapientNitro’s Mirmir’s Well

Technical Innovation: Software – AddReality for IQQS Digital Tree

Technical Innovation: Viewing Innovation – UTG Digital Media for Inaugural LED Staircase (Las Vegas)