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To enter the Digital Signage Awards you need to prepare your submission paper, complete the online entry form and upload your paper. Submitting your entry will then lead you to payment page to cover the entry fee.

Entries into the Digital Signage Awards must be submitted online. Your written entry must be no more than 1,500 words in English (12 point type, single line spacing) saved in PDF format (10MB maximum file size), uploaded from your desktop to the Digital Signage Awards website. All entries should be uploaded following the template sections listed below. The Judges will automatically vote lower any entries exceeding the word count. At the same time, the judges will appreciate the conciseness of your entry. There is no need to use the full word count. Please adhere to these basic rules of entry, together with any other specific criteria described below.

Photographs and video material may be made available for the judges to view, either upload these through the online entry form at time of submission or upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. You will need to include in your submission a link to YouTube or Vimeo, where the judges can look at any additional visual material. Do not upload a photo file larger than 5MB with your entry form as it will be rejected. Thumbnail images of illustrative material can be embedded in your written submission, if they help the judges understand your entry, but the judges will want to see larger reference images – one of which must be uploaded with your entry form.

The closing date for entries is October 15, and you will need to pay the entry fee before your entry will be processed for judging. If you are planning to make multiple entries, please let us know in advance and we will arrange to bill you for all your entries on one invoice, to save you paying each time you upload an entry.

Template guide

Your completed entry form and your written entry are the basis on which each entry will be voted for by the judges and shortlisted. Your written document should show how your project met its aims, employed creativity or innovative techniques, was enjoyed by users, and delivered visitors, satisfaction and a return on investment. At the beginning of your document the following information must be listed:

  • Category entered
  • Title of project/name of product
  • Relevant URL for the entry (if not showcased online at your company URL)
  • Client company or brand that the entry is about
  • Name of company making the entry
  • Type of company about which the entry is written (e.g. manufacturer, creative agency, etc)
  • Relevant URL for access to supporting visual material or other data. (Links to Vimeo/Youtube, etc)

Within your submission it is preferred if you use the following as sub-headings under which you clearly provide your explanation for the judges.

  • Aims for installation, campaign, product, activity or innovative development
  • Strategy (especially if new strategy implemented during the period)
  • Creativity/innovation/technology
  • Feedback summary from clients and/or users
  • Outcome, including formal evaluation of results, ROI, etc, or in the case of a mobile app, the take up by the public or target audience.

Support material

Entries for the Digital Signage Awards must be submitted online. If you are entering on behalf of a customer, please make sure the customer is aware and approves of your entry.

If you wish to provide additional support material (for instance if there has been marketing collateral or video work associated with your campaign) please provide a link to YouTube or Vimeo, where the judges can view your material.

The judges will want to feel fully informed about your activity, so please include whatever you feel is appropriate and relevant for your entry. If an entry is entered into more than one category, please indicate this clearly, but remember you need to remind the judges of the micro site URL for the support material, in each written submission you enter.

It is worth stressing that digital signage is highly visual. It has to be. So, it is tremendously important that you include as many visuals as you can to illustrate what was done and its impact. The judges don’t want massive photos, but they’d rather have that than small postcard-sized images that are too small to be useful. Bottom line: making it easy for our judging panel to see and understand what you did will only help. One or two small photos and a written summary is not a good idea.


The Digital Signage Awards are international business awards. The organizers have the competition open to the whole digital signage industry, but any website or submitted material that breaks national or international laws or offends public, religious, national or gender-specific sensitivities, or that flouts advertising, promotion or Internet rules (such as spamming) will be disqualified. If an entry is disqualified for any reason the entry fees will not be refunded.

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